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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 4, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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drooling woohoo little. it seems like it's their status and access and kept bashing and telltale. i was around the world have long appreciated japanese cooking what's being officially recognized union scare has decided to add japan's traditional could see none for content to its list of intangible cultural heritage there is a finn hudson meeting of the year to decide on what new registrations should be included
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the system is aimed at protecting important examples of regional customs and traditions about a while this season even started on monday. i was invited to this casino were one joker was among thirty one candidates. the new new new and existing schools. i think the listing was too late. we haven't understood enough how much people around the world load washer and delights in local communities the off season or show cruz based on the japanese spirit of respecting nature. the model i hope people around the world will understand the heart of flesh open as our food culture. where a body that does preliminary screening of candidates recommended that marshall could be added to the list this recommendation was considered to be quite influential to be endorsed japan said gunter has become the country's twenty second
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intangible heritage elements listed by unesco. ideas include become murky and no see to it. many people in japan's food industry hercules dealing with the popularity of japanese cuisine around the world and help boost exports and domestic sphere context. we love. i hope the listing will prompt us to reflect on the diet that japanese people have the room for generations that said come on people to address the issue that can last a traditional staple government officials proposed adding japan's traditional casino and third counter to the nasty list in march two thousand files. he came in response to calls from the private side to a head to dispel concerns about the safety of japanese feared falling to two thousand and eleven accident that position on nuclear power plants. if you still say it was super has great cultural value the scene shows that people's respect for nature
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and reproduces the beauty of the changing seasons. this is also closely related to new years festivities my spelling harvest festival. i know that it's official said the country's prison has been handed down from generation to generation. i help strengthen social cohesion among the japanese. the same content on the world intangible heritage list included french cuisine the mediterranean diet found in greece italy spain and morocco. eli slice president joe biden is on his first visit to china since it declared a controversial air defense identification sound bite until a china's resident. washington is deeply concerned about the move. i didn't that she did in beijing on wednesday the us government official said biden told she had washington does not recognize the sound and is looking to china to take steps to reduce
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tensions. i don't know when it demanded that china had retracted to enroll to take what he called defensive measures against aircraft refusing to obey chinese instructions. he also urged china to establish hot lines with japan and other neighboring countries to avoid any unintended conscious. she would put explain china's position on the sound and the brown with japan over territorial claims in the east china sea. if it shows that the us government will be closely watching china's response in the coming days and weeks. i was on a six day tour of japan china and south korea on tuesday he agreed that japan's prime minister seems ill on that. they won't tolerate china's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. foreign diplomats around the world continue to try and confirm news that a high ranking political figure may have been ousted from office in north korea. the alec and pyongyang have been getting confirmation that turns suntec the uncle and mentor of currently taking john owen
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has been stripped of his powers but if true it can be a major political shakeup in the country an hk with scandal. oh come on phil reports. some dickhead served as the vice chair of the powerful national defense commission. time is native to the relay team don't guilt sister anna has widely been seen as a mentor of the younger can often accompanying an important ceremony. but it's legal to get on second time the song tonic may have been dismissed his aides have been executed news broke tuesday. time may no longer be in office the court he would have to master returned to service off itself suggests that if the script of power. an office filled with south korea the new station in the mountains the capacity field that is high. when did time zone to eat. it's very
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unlikely ten song that has been stripped of our responsibilities. observers suggest that the struggle was another call from an eastside daddy kicking don't the scale of pay the director of the korean people's army general political view. ten rolls through the ranks and became don't. you will come some experts have been suggesting there's a conflict between cheddar o'hara and john song that has been wanting one but i assume that the incident this time. it is not closely related to the confrontation korea's official media has not said anything about what we have happened to town. but to no squealing morning walkers but the newspaper bild team on a wnesday run an article that may be really
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good cookies instead the article cited lately to keep going all out saying that no matter how long someone may have been going on. a single moment of betrayal pulls back earlier key into doubt. the paper added that traders are together kits come in the war and a cool forty just to keep going up texas then and don't burn. an expert on north korea says he can't confirm town song that was to be dismissed. seasonal schedule there is still a possibility that executives are executed to take responsibility for their failures. the approval given that hangs from the leaves were executed. he may not have lost his political power. she pitched a complete cooling and one two tsp. they paid out on a vocation to the town's wife makes you don't heal sister
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in donkey. you can. there have not been any reports on her movement for nearly four months. we do not know whether she is healthy. i was too depending on her condition. in this story could be different. socially the book activists the goal square. he's believed to be the most secret country into war. it's a muscle on the lot are now get free tickets trying to determine the facts and bought these two. people come up tall and is condoned torture. now the latest in a business news last summer a scandal involving a global benchmark grade made headlines around the world and what the two years later bacon leaders have yet to grasp of the case. i teach and ensuring this now from our business says good morning nice and give us an update to happen a lot of bankers have already gotten in trouble with financial authorities are on this recording of global benchmark rates and while investigations are still underway. the european union
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has handed down a record fine to six major european and us financial institutions and banks have been accused of reading benchmark inter bank lending rates. the fines on up to two point three billion dollars. the european commission announced the fine on wednesday the penalty is the highest anti trust charge every imposed by the commission. the scandal concerns the london interbank offered rates known as lot more. among those being fined is germany's deutsche bank which has ties with the biggest fine of about nine hundred eighty million dollars while bank of scotland was fined five hundred thirty million dollars. eu competition commissioner joaquin on the news says the european commission will continue to investigate other final rgnsoril offences. the stockce usobs da due on fridayhe key the dow jones industrial
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average ended down zero point one six percent fifteen thousand eight hundred eighty ninth. while the nurse that as virtually unchanged at four thousand thirty eight the house until my kids are reacting let's goo remai only god who is snding by at the time the stock exchange between what can you tell us a dramatized by let's go to the opening levels and see exactly where we stand to for today is thursday and a bit of a mixed opening their eyes you can see that in the kmart the lord and the topic say in the positive side and that cycling in about a positive territory actually for the first few minutes of the nikkei i'm talking about so we'll see how that develops just a t nikkei fell sharply just over two percent as the dollar traded well below levels earlier in the week investors becoming more cautious of the fed may start scaling back its on buying program sooner rather than later based on recent economic data and the us private sector employment data on wednesday which came in a little bit better than market estimates are actually backs off by investor caution is further increased by two
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hundred and fifteen thousand jobs from october to novemr on wednesday according to a private payroll who reports and also the us trade deficit shrank as exports the assertion that really now puts the friday jobs numbers of well into focus. so we'll keep track of the hallmark has developed over that not domestically. there's also a focused effort to gain as investors eager to be like keeping a close eye on whether the bank of japan is going to implement further policy action in order to achieve its target of eighteen percent rise in consumer prices a lot of domestic focus as well fight and the dollar remain as we've been on covering still in the one o two yen levels where do we stand exactly this thursday morning. yeah exactly i caught a little bit of fluctuations in t dollar yen during the summer to write up of him to put thirty c to thirty four is the thing come off a little bit from the highest hundred ft points thirty seven on tuesday to these current levels thus traders the cash in on
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the dollar's recent gains the euro hundred and thirty nine points or one two zero nine euro yen and that remains stuck in a range ahead of the key central bank policy meeting later today if the european central bank meeting of foresight and a lot of focus on what they need to raise rates for the eurozone economy but as i sit here in a mixed up reaction here for the nikkei and the culprits will see how that develops back to life. i mean thanks alot forhat update. all ministers of oil exporting countries have decided to keep their production target unchanged at thirty million barrels a day. they believe oil exports from the brine will not rise sharply even though some sanctions against the country are to be east. oil ministers from opec the organization of petroleum exporting countries meets the decision at a meeting in vienna. crude oil prices remained relatively stable after falling slightly the brief decline was in response to the ron and six willpower is reaching an interim agreement on
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confronts nuclear program opec oil ministers say they because the current level of oil supy in the market has sufficient. market watchers say oil prices could fall depending on future negotiations over iran's nuclear program. he also see the rising supply of the u s shale gas to the market as pressuring prices. they say opec will likely cut its production target next year in the salinas in business alinghi with attack on markets. the japanese prime minister sheens a law that has convened the first meeting at the newly
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established national security council the council is modeled after the nsc in the united states. last weekend i had enacted a lot to clean up the body. on the mountain with its boring can that mandates they are deputy prime minister time i sewed chief cabinet secretary or cpa said that foreign minister from nokia that the defense minister its entirety on monday that he discussed the new security strategy to be completed by the end of the year and also china's newly declared air defense identification sound of the east china sea. on he queen until she touched it. we frankly exchange views on national security. the it was a fruitful meeting. aiden said the council will share information with foreign governments. don't poke the needle on the nsc has an organization to protect the people of japan. for that purpose it is important for the council to exchange intelligence and information
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with fantasies of other countries and properly deal with various issues. team canada said it tasted as said the core members of the council will meet twice a month it would take command in the policymaking on defense and diplomacy. nhk wor political commentator months and that the gene honorary gave as his analysis of the establishment of the nsc. do you. well missy is suppose to help the government deal quickly with diplomatic and security challenges. example if our country want to fit in japan this it would in principle help the administration take more costly to the auction trying to create a nice prosecuting counsel when he was first in office. but he's there for scale. now with the strong majority. is it bigger democratic party and its coalition partner were able to get in the past. they argued the security
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environment in east asia is becoming more severe. north korea's missile and nuclear programs pose a threat to japan and china is becoming more active in the region some critics say that didn't seem to help the under eye the demonstration of strength and security ties with the us they worry that this could not get a good time. trees are getting involved in the real conflict or war some say yes to these subdivisions of people to check what's leaders talk about and decide in the cost the other administration responded by adopting a resolution allowing the course of nsc meetings to be kept in a way that does not compromise national security. however those records could be kept confidential. and though the secrecy. mr is trying to pass. some of you so moment
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to say that they may see many don't work effectively with out my highest intelligence and information gathering service. they propose setting up our special agency. much like the cit us. and my sixteen cricket. the result of the end of this change will not opt for now. there will continue to depend on current ministries and agencies cents or six the difference in the foreign ministries and the national police agency me this appears to be focusing for now on coordinating intelligence and policy. make themselves as fisherman nuclear disaster will have more time at to claim compensation. japanese lawmakers have extended the limits on claims from the accident to ten meters the browns passed the bill clearing them is on wednesday
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currency of along the middle of night to claims against appealing to card company to up to two meters from the accident. the new my knowledge is that some victims had being unable to ask for compensation. it says many struggle to calculate the damage is because they still lived in temporary housing. the new law will allow victims to file a claim that entail until ten years after the accident at the fisherman died she power plants in march two thousand l added alonso cars on the government to improve the claims consultation system and healthy can skate compensated as early as possible. women in saudi arabia have made some important gains in recent years in government thirty had taken seats in the shire council. how the campaigns have also been launched in promoting the authorization of the women drivers. and in the country's film scene there's now one more first female director. anime is a high councilor an hq in southern cali and i talked
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with her about the groundbreaking they're the ones that and also women's rights during allen's whose visit to japan. this is the main character in the field is one star. an old army saudi arabian though the movie follows the pursuit of a simple freedom won gross else there. take for granted. it stops. we watched a speech by a local fall i intend to continue. once there wants to ride a bicycle she was to prove she can go pasta then go for it. in style with e r a b or meat is unacceptable for women to ride bicycles. it was to use the comp it did it go. she doesn't care about the rules of society this is us. she
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said this on the gondola. it was a cat. i am loving the ocean the dc ten. i will go since i need to understand this is very different world and he died. his solicitor thicken until in that situation makes them do you want to challenge and gone and the leaks that it will make you swoon. to prove themselves the role is to be worth it or not they want better options. so yes the island as on my bike down a lot of cheating so i want to be just that and move on to the bigger picture and they want to say so. one source said there were many obstacles to making a film that deals with empowering women testing was an official also like it was difficult to
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test. today on grounds of homes communities and have been more fruitful day we had and they look woman to land they say just be for you and they just hesitate to become permanent if i was very sad to see tonight this could be because the psyche of a cruise and attempt to live and was out filming for you there in the loosely capitalists be independent and ten. elusive for me milwaukee took us a quickie to it. lady di and actors outside. they have failed muscle also raises awareness about polygamy. strong station is depicted between watched as their win although whether the father takes a second one. a lot the us. what's that he's trying to earn enough money to buy a bicycle. she decides
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to join in daniel four in reciting competition at school. hoping to wean the first prize of what styles and wheels we watched it when the money she needs will she ever ride a bicycle the forty s is kept in suspense on to the finals. i think it is in its about time to think. come on the phones and i intend that this proposal component of the examples of how different some people who i am willing to. to be able to be a citizen follow a dream like what did she goes onto to be like anybody else and it's been put into to seek that individuality and to give examples of intense fighting in gaza. hopefully those who still were the saudi arabia
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presents special challenges at the school said her message he is feeling. if you knew but still believe in yourself and the story a train. with a two hour them up in hk won't tokyo. it's an fha of the deal and that people in the british isles and lenient and strong that's me i just like a mighty king says the latest animal planet is stepping up call for winter storm is approaching northern europe the british isles nobody starting to feel the effect that the stone with the windy conditions and as they can see the lines are very close to each other it's taken about one hundred forty five kilometers per hour. thus from the british isles. i'm sad that he's oing to be quite dangerous this is the second we are free to airs the precipitation is going to be seen no rather than brain for main course of these ious that the system is expected to move into central europe by late tonight. still any conditions are likely to occur here and we already have high as all the cool
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link to sit for northern areas of germany and all the school and then to thumb a couple of days ago. eileen going low pressure system has caused devastation in many places over the eastern half of the many caring in countries that include e coli become accustomed pictures the line this binder with the arrest of any county in town on wednesday destroying the new berries and sinking buildings. these areas suffered from a band with their heavy rainfall and flooding. a local supermarket also sunk into the ground motorists were forced upon them their cars as a blue skirt up and pulled apart but as you can see clear conditions how it turns the sunny skies will continue to care for the next several days across southern italy but this is the news now not taking turkey with some human snow and cold so brain but precipitation is going to be on to my site. temperatures are going to be seven in london now back on their site but that could and can only find the crease with the incoming sets them on your friday. i've crossed a
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gel that unpleasant for many areas across most of candy and a curry and the fact that i air quality remains quiet back and today specially back in parts of the aegean sea regions and provinces its us politician high precipitation over hokkaido will be spreading to the sound into two nine and heavy rain is on the cards for you for this entry areas of the philippines. any yes the images in some pictures of the flooding in the somali just about six hundred fifty millimeters of rain has fallen in period at today's annual excite the brain is on i e creating the conditions are improving but a nice plan a month of rain is not welcome back at all. that crisis or a lie that we have only enough patience to stand still located east of the tree line at the new modern heavy rainfall. no one can get fifty millimeters to the hospital with undeserved but still an additional two hundred or even every confidence likely still plenty month size color and i'm going to be a very big concern across the island
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the cross at the american spirit we need your winter storms. one theory is located over the great lakes region bringing an additional thirty centimeters of snow across the great lakes region for the train is also possible and this was going to be named to the north east quad dropping some snowfall from oklahoma into the ohio river valley and cry at the snow we expected some freezing rain to fall sick of writing is going to be clan has the best and the last one is located over the comedian at times i'm going to be quiet one in the east eighteen degrees falling washington d c the key to knowing that in the center line can cool conditions and temperatures will be a point dropping even further into the weekend minus twenty three ft high on saturday and we access the war and his extended court i am noon. and
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the time. it was. with this
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edition of the site and ask that she had failed the offer. ch. i know
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the eye. what does one that is. the investigation into good deal on cash. one suspect. a new skill must be taken into. isn't it. i went on. owen was born will be doing. new research


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